PJJM Book Thesis

The impact of culture on the innovative strength of nation

by Petrus Joseph Johannes Moonen

Thesis with watercolor artwork.

In this beautiful project, I created a watercolour map artwork that guided me into the visual identity of the whole project. Here, you see the book thesis cover, the invitation for the dissertation’s public defence and the bookmark. All the materials have elements that connect them, giving the desired identity.


The Project

The inside of the thesis must reflect the outside. You should be able to connect the cover with the elements you find inside. The beauty is that on the inside, we can explore these visual and aesthetic elements much more.

Here, it’s possible to see elements used in the cover, such as artwork, colours, and typography, being used inside the thesis.

Insinde sneak pick.

As you can see, I worked on all the elements inside the thesis, re-designing all figures and tables to match the project’s visual identity. That gives harmony and consistency to the project.

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