I’m Evelyn Schiller

 A graphic designer / artist who helps you give forms, colours and textures to your ideas.

It has been an incredible journey!

Art entered my life when I was 11 years old.

Every Friday night, I would be in an art class full of professional painters 20 years older than I was then. Those painting classes helped me through a challenging moment, as has art since then. It’s my way to find harmony in chaos.

I graduated in Advertising, made my way into graphic design and kept finding harmony through art and the unknown world.

I started my first company in 2012; my curiosity, love for learning and flexibility was an excellent combo for entrepreneurship. And I also learned a lot, such as coordinating and creating several projects simultaneously, the knowledge to work by myself and establish priorities, and understanding my client and organisation. Not to say all the experience in graphic design, print process and customer service.

Working with many passionate people, I felt the need to express what they left within me after each project. In this way, I reconnect with art.

My professional and personal journeys became connected in the last years as if one is the basis for the other to expand. I moved to different cities, states, and foreign countries, met so many interesting people, and saw many forms of expression.

Today I live in The Netherlands and look forward to co-creating with you!